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NERMEENSHAIKH:Earlier this week, the Senate rejected a bipartisan resolution to end the U.S. military involvement in Yemen within 30 days, unless Congress formally authorizes the military action. The bill would have forced the first-ever vote in the Senate to withdraw U.S. armed forces from an unauthorized war. By a vote of 55 to 44, senators voted against a procedural motion that would have advanced the measure. This is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders speaking Tuesday before the vote.
SEN.BERNIESANDERS:Some will argue that American troops are not out there shooting and getting shot at, not exchanging fire, gunfire, with their enemies, and that we are not really engaged in the horrifically destructive Saudi-led war in Yemen. That’s what some will argue on the floor today, that we’re really not engaged in hostilities, we’re not exchanging fire. Well, please tell that to the people of Yemen, whose homes and lives are being destroyed by weapons marked “Made in the U.S.A.,” dropped by planes being refuelled by the U.S., on targets chosen with U.S. assistance. Only in the narrowest, most legalistic terms can anyone argue that the United States is not actively involved in hostilities alongside of Saudi Arabia in Yemen.
有人会争辩说,美国军队并没有在那里开枪射击,没有与敌人交火,枪击,也没有真正参与极具摧毁性的沙特阿拉伯发起在也门的战争。 这是今天有些人在这里将争论的,“我们真的没有参与敌对行动,我们没有交火”。 既然如此,那么请告诉也门人民,那些的住房和生命被标着“美国制造”的武器摧毁,而运载这些武器的飞机是由美国供油,摧毁目标在美国帮助下选定。 只有在最狭隘,最严格的法律条文下,才可以说,美国并没有积极参与到沙特阿拉伯在也门的敌对行动。
And let me take a minute to tell my colleagues what is happening in Yemen right now, because a lot of people don’t know. It’s not something that is on the front pages of the newspapers or covered terribly much in television. Right now, in a very, very poor nation of 27 million people—that is, the nation of Yemen—in November of last year, the United Nations emergency relief coordinator told us that Yemen was on the brink of, quote, “the largest famine the world has seen for many decades,” end of quote from the United Nations. So far, in this country of 27 million people, this very poor country, over 10,000 civilians have been killed, and 40,000 civilians have been wounded. Over 3 million people in Yemen, in a nation of 27 million, have been displaced, driven from their homes. Fifteen million people lack access to clean water and sanitation, because water treatment plants have been destroyed. More than 20 million people in Yemen, over two-thirds of the population of that country, need some kind of humanitarian support, with nearly 10 million in acute need of assistance. More than 1 million suspected cholera cases have been reported, representing potentially the worst cholera outbreak in world history.
让我花点时间告诉我的同事现在在也门发生的事情,因为很多人并不知道。这不是报纸头版上的内容,也不是电视上广泛报道的。目前,在一个非常非常贫穷的2700万人口的国家 - 也门 - 去年11月,援引联合国紧急救济协调员告诉我们的话,也门将面临世界几十年来发生的最大饥荒“。到目前为止,在这个拥有2700万人口的国家,这个非常贫穷的国家,已经有1万多平民死亡,4万平民受伤。在也门,超过300万人在这个拥有2700万人口的国家中流离失所,被赶出家园。有一千五百万人没有清洁饮用水和卫生设施,因为自来水处理厂已被摧毁。也门有超过2000万人口,超过该国三分之二的人口,需要不同程度的人道主义援助,近1000万人处于急需援助的境况。据报道,已有100多万疑似霍乱病例,这可能是世界历史上最严重的霍乱疫情。
NERMEENSHAIKH:So, that’s Senator Bernie Sanders speaking on Tuesday before the Senate vote. Mehdi Hasan, could you comment on what he said, and also explain what Saudi Arabia is trying to do in Yemen and why the U.S. is supporting Saudi Arabia?
所以,对于参议员伯尼·桑德斯在参议院投票前发表讲话茶藨子,Mehdi Hasan,你能否对他的发言发表评论,并解释沙特阿拉伯在也门要做什么,以及美国为什么支持沙特阿拉伯?
MEHDIHASAN:It’s a good question, when you say辻政信 , “Try and explain what Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen.” I think a lot of people would wonder, “Yes, what is Saudi Arabia doing in Yemen?” including a lot of Saudis now, who are wondering.
这是一个很好的问题,当你说,“试着解释一下沙特在也门做的事情。”我想很多人会想,“是的,什么是沙特在也门干什么?”在内的很多沙特人的现在, 也在想。
This war was declared in 2015. It was supposed to be done quickly, a Saudi-led coalition of Arab nations against, quote-unquote, “Houthi rebels,” backed by Iran, allegedly. And this was the case whereMBS, Mohammed bin Salman以力成圣 , at the time,郑艳东 wasn’t the crown prince; he was a deputy crown prince and the defense minister, and he was pushing this war. It was going to be a quick, simple war—you know, the richest countries in the Middle East against the poorest country. And yet, three years later, still mired in this horrific war, with all of those humanitarian consequences that Bernie Sanders mentioned on the floor of the Senate. It’s a disaster. It’s been called an apocalypse by U.N. officials. It’s been called the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.
这场战争是在2015年宣战的。预想中,这项战争应该很快完成,沙特领导的阿拉伯国家联盟反对“胡塞反叛分子”,据称,由伊朗支持的反派势力。 这是当时的MBS张作霖传,穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼(Mohammed bin Salman)推动的这场战争,那时他并不是皇太子, 而是副王储和国防部长。 这将是一场快速而简单的战争 - 你知道,中东最富有的国家对付最贫穷的国家。 然而三年后,仍然这场可怕的战争仍然继续。伯尼·桑德斯在参议院提到的(这场战争)带来的所有人道主义后果。 这是一场灾难。 这被联合国官员称为启示录。 这被称为世界上最严重的人道主义危机眉县吧 。
And, you know, by all intents and purposes, it is a U.S.-Saudi war绝色懒妃 , MEHDI. It’s not just a Saudi-led war. As Bernie Sanders pointed out, it’s U.S. refueling Saudi jets, it’s U.S. providing arms and bombs, it’s U.S. providing intel to Saudi officials, diplomatic cover in international forums. And yet, Americans don’t know enough about it, because the media doesn’t cover it. And when it does cover it, it doesn’t mention the Saudi role. And it’s been a disaster. There’s no end in sight.MBSsaid, in that60 Minutesinterview on Sunday宏乐录音棚 , you know, “It’s all the fault of the Houthis, and it’s all the fault of Iran,” and showed no signs of any prospect of bringing this horrific war to an end.
而且,你知道,根据综合所有的意图和目的,这是一场美国-沙特战争,MEHDI(主持人名字)。 这不仅仅是沙特领导的战争。 正如伯尼·桑德斯指出的那样,美国正在为加沙的喷气机加油,美国提供武器和炸弹,美国向沙特官员提供情报援助,在国际论坛上提供外交掩护。 然而,美国人对此还不够了解,因为媒体并没有报道。 当媒体报道时,却没有提到沙特阿拉伯在其中的角色。 这已经一场灾难。 现在还看不到结束的迹象。 MBS(穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼)说,在周日的60分钟采访中,你知道,“这都是“胡塞反叛分子”的错,这都是伊朗的错,”并没有显示任何结束这场可怕的战争的可能性。
We rightly get agitated about what goes on in Syria and the bombing—the bombings in Aleppo and elsewhere. But that’s a dictator who we are not arming, who we’re not supporting. And yet, in Yemen, there’s a war going on which has horrific humanitarian consequences, and that’s a dictator, the Saudi dictators, who we do support and arm. So, I find the whole thing slightly absurd and morally grotesque. But, you know, the U.S. is not going to do anything.
我们很自然的对叙利亚的局势和轰炸事件 - 阿勒颇(Aleppo)和其他地方的爆炸事件感到不安课栈网 。 那是一个我们不提供武装支持的独裁者,我们不支持。 然而,在也门,正在进行着一场可怕的人道主义后果的战争,这是一个独裁者,沙特独裁者,我们支持并提供武器。 所以,我觉得整个事情有点荒谬并在道德上滑稽。 但是,你知道,美国对此不会做任何事情。
To go back to the earlier question that we began the show with, MBS’s visit is such a big deal because he’s such a close ally of the U.S. And Donald Trump, remember, came to office claiming he was going to be a Saudi critic. People forget, when Donald Trump was running for election, he accused the Saudis of being behind 9/11. He said he might not buy oil from the Saudis. He attacked Hillary Clinton for taking money from the Saudis, because they were human rights abusers. And yet, since coming to office, he went to Saudi Arabia first. The first foreign visit he made was to Saudi Arabia. He now praisesMBSand his father, the king, Salman. He welcomed him to the White House on Tuesday, and he said, “They’ve got lots of money. We want that money. We’re going to have a great relation.” For Trump, it’s always about money. So, expect no change.
回到节目开始时提出的问题,MBS(穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼)的访问是如此重要,因为他是美国的如此亲密的盟友。记得,特朗普上台前宣称他将成为批评沙特的代表。 人们忘记,当特朗普参选时,他指控沙特也参与9/11恐怖袭击。 他说他可能不会从沙特阿拉伯购买石油。 他攻击希拉里 ·克林顿从沙特阿拉伯拿钱,而沙特阿拉伯侵犯人权。 然而,自从上任以来,他首先去了沙特阿拉伯。 他所做的第一次外国访问是对沙特阿拉伯。 他现在称赞MBS和他的父亲红杏出墙记,国王萨尔曼。 礼拜二他欢迎MBS来到白宫,他说:“他们有很多钱。 我们想要那笔钱。 我们会有很好的关系。“对于特朗普来说,这总是关于钱。 所以,不要期望改变。
But although one—you know, one bit of good news: That vote, 55 to 45, I think it was, that’s much narrower than previous, quote-unquote, “anti-Saudi” votes on Capitol Hill have been. On Capitol Hill, at least, there’s far much more criticism of Saudi Arabia than there has been anytime that I can think of in recent memory.
但是,但有一点好消息,你知道:那就是55至45(实际是44)的投票结果,这次投票差距比之前要小的多,“反沙特”在国会山上的投票。 至少在国会山上,对沙特阿拉伯的批评是我在最近的记忆中最多的一次。
AMYGOODMAN:You know, we just interviewed Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, who—
MEHDIHASAN:Who’s been great on this.
AMYGOODMAN:—joined with Sanders in pushing for this. Now, I wanted to ask you, Medea Benjamin—last year, the Trump administration approved the resumption of sales of precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia. President Obama had frozen some of those weapons sales last year due to concerns about civilian casualties in Saudi Arabia’s expanding war in Yemen. Now, Obama didn’t cut off the support, but he did restrict it. Trump took those restrictions off. You have been deeply concerned about this vote. Can you explain what happened on the floor of the Senate?
和桑德斯一起推动这个。 现在,我想问你(Medea Benjamin)去年,特朗普政府批准恢复向沙特阿拉伯出售精确制导弹药。 奥巴马总统由于担心沙特阿拉伯在也门扩大战争中的平民伤亡,去年冻结了部分武器销售。 现在,奥巴马虽然没有停止支持,但他确实对此做出了限制。 特朗普取消了这些限制。 你对这次投票深感担忧。 你能解释参议院发生的事情吗?
MEDEABENJAMIN:Well, I want to give kudos to Bernie Sanders and Chris Murphy and Mike Lee, a conservative Republican, who introduced this resolution using a very unique angle, which is the War Powers Act, to say this is an unconstitutional war. It has never been voted on by Congress. Congress has not only the authority, but the obligation, to declare war. And this certainly does not fit under the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force that was passed after 9/11 to attack those associated—involved in the 9/11 attack or associated forces. So, it was a very good argument. And I think it’s horrific that 10 Democrats defected and voted for this, and that so many—almost all of the Republicans have shown themselves to be the war party and to not want to take on their constitutional duty to declare war or not declare war, to allow President Trump to continue with this war in Yemen.
我想为伯尼·桑德斯和克里斯·墨菲以及保守的共和党人迈克·李而感到荣幸,他们以一个非常独特的角度提出了这项决议,即“战争权力法案”,认为这(沙特阿拉伯)是违宪的战争。 它从未被国会投票过。 国会不仅有权力,而且有义务宣战。 这当然不符合在9/11之后通过的2001年军事使用授权,以攻击参与9/11袭击或其相关军事力量。 所以,这是一个非常好的论点。 我认为(那)十位民主党人投票支持,这非常可怕宋起波斯湾 ,而且几乎所有的共和党人都表明自己是战争党,不想承担宪法义务宣战或不宣战, 让特朗普总统继续这场也门战争。
And so, I think we should go back and look at all of those who voted in favor of continuing this war, to tell them they have the blood of Yemeni people on their hands. And when we see those amateur graphs that President Trump held up to talk about all the weapons sales, and showed the states in which there were jobs being created by those weapons sales, showed them in red, think of them as the blood of the Yemeni people好看的赌片 , that it’s their deaths and their famine that’s creating jobs in the United States, and then ask yourself about the morality not just of President Trump, but of this country and of our Congress, that will be delighted by the creation of jobs, on the backs of the people of Yemen, who are suffering the largest catastrophe, in the United States. What does this say about our country? What does it tell the rest of the world about the morals of the United States?
因此,我认为我们应该回头看看所有投票支持继续这场战争的人,告诉他们,他们手上有也门人的鲜血。 当我们看到特朗普总统举办的谈论所有武器销售的非专业图表,那些因这些武器销售而创造了就业机会的省份,用红色来显示时,想象这些就是也门人的血,他们的死亡和他们的饥荒正在美国创造就业机会,然后问自己的道德观,不仅是特朗普总统的道德观,而且是这个国家和我们国会的道德观,在美国他们为创造就业机会而感到高兴, 却以也门人民遭受最大灾难为代价。 这说明我们的国家是怎样的? 这又告诉世界其他地方,美国的道德在哪里?
AMYGOODMAN:And to be clear, the man he’s sitting with慢条斯理的意思, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, even before he was crown prince—and he’s taken over this power after arresting, what, hundreds of people in Saudi Arabia, a number of members of the Saudi royal family, right after Jared Kushner met with him in Saudi Arabia—he was in charge of this war, even before he was crown prince.
需要说明一点,那个与他(特朗普)坐在一起的那个人,沙特阿拉伯的王储穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼,甚至在他成为王储之前 - 他是通过在沙特阿拉伯拘禁数以百计的人,其中包括沙特王室的一些成员,得到这个权力(沙特阿拉伯的王储),其后Jared Kushner(特朗普的女婿)在沙特阿拉伯与他会面。他(穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼)在成为太子之前发动这场战争。
MEDEABENJAMIN:Well, that’s right. This is his war. And that’s why when anybody talks about him as a reformer, “No,” you have to say, “he’s not a reformer. He is a war criminal.” And the shakedown that he presided over in Saudi Arabia is one of the most bizarre things, taking over 200 of the elites of Saudi Arabia and bringing them into this gilded prison in the Ritz hotel and then demanding that they turn over a lot of their assets to him, under his control, before they would be allowed to leave, and 17 of them hospitalized, one of them killed. And this is seen as part of his anti-corruption campaign.
是的,没错。 这是他(穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼)的战争。 这就是为什么当有人说他是一个改革者时,(我说)“不”,你必须说,“他不是改革者。 他是一个战争罪犯。” 他在沙特阿拉伯带来的震荡是最离奇的事情之一,他劫持了200多名沙特阿拉伯的精英,并将他们带到里兹酒店的这座镀金监狱,然后在他的控制之下要求他们将大部分资产转给他,然后才允许他们离开,其中17人住院,其中一人死亡贤士榜 。 这被视为他反腐运动的一部分。
This is the same crown prince who, when he was on a vacation in France, saw a yacht that he liked, that was owned by a Russian vodka financier, and bought it for over $500 million, who owns a chateau in France that’s considered the most expensive house in the world, and that also bought a Picasso picture, the most high-priced painting ever sold in the United States—in the world. So, this is not Robin Hood. And he, himself, said on60 Minutes, to be fair, that he is not Gandhi or Mandela. But he is a war criminal.
也就是这位王储,当他在法国度假时,他喜欢俄罗斯伏特加金融家拥有的游艇,并以超过5亿美元的价格买下了这座游艇,他在法国拥有一座被认为是世界上最昂贵的房子,而且还买了一幅毕加索的画,这幅是全世界有史以来卖价最高的绘画作品。 所以,这不是罗宾汉。 他本人在60分钟内说,公平的说,他不是甘地或曼德拉。 但他是一个战犯。
NERMEENSHAIKH:Yeah, and he also said in that interview that he has a great deal of personal wealth and, exactly what you said, that he’s neither Mandela or Gandhi, and that this was—the way that he spent his money was entirely his own business. Let’s just go to a clip of that, responding to a question about his own extravagant lifestyle.
是的,他在采访中还说他拥有大量的个人财富,而且正如你所说的,他既不是曼德拉也不是甘地,这就是 - 他花钱的方式完全是他自己的事。 让我们来看他对自己奢侈生活方式回应的短片。
PRINCEMOHAMMEDBINSALMAN:[translated] My personal life is something I’d like to keep to myself, and I don’t try to draw attention to it. If some newspapers want to point something out about it, that’s up to them. As far as my private expenses稻草芭比 , I’m a rich person. I’m not a poor person. I’m not Gandhi or Mandela. I’m a member of the ruling family, that existed for hundreds of years, before the founding of Saudi Arabia. We own very large lots of land. And my personal life is the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago.
我个人的生活是我想留给自己的,我不想引起注意。 如果一些报纸想要报道一些事情,那是他们的事。 就我的私人开支而言,我是一个富有的人。 我不是一个穷人。 我不是甘地或曼德拉。 我是统治家族的成员,在沙特阿拉伯成立之前存在了数百年。 我们拥有非常大的土地。 而我个人的生活与10年或20年前的一样。
AMYGOODMAN:So怪谈协会 , Mehdi Hasan, if you want to expand on this? And also, what has happened to the crown prince’s mother? Where is she?
那么,Mehdi Hasan,如果你愿意更深入谈谈此? 另外,王储的母亲发生了什么事? 她在哪?
MEHDIHASAN:So, just on the interview clip you played, I love the idea that “I’m not Mandela or Gandhi.” I don’t think anyone was really going to confuse the crown prince of Saudi Arabia with Mandela or Gandhi, although some in the U.S. media—
所以,就在你播放的采访片段中,我喜欢“我不是曼德拉或甘地”的想法。我认为不会有人把沙特阿拉伯王储与曼德拉或甘地混为一谈, 尽管一些美国媒体 -
AMYGOODMAN:Really? Even with the U.S. press?
真的吗? 即使在美国媒体的影响下花开在眼前 ?
MEHDIHASAN:Yeah, I’ll add the caveat: Some in the U.S. media may want to portray him in that way. And the bar is so low when it comes to the Saudis. So, he becomes crown prince, and he allows women to drive. And people in the West say音乐猎手, “Wow! He’s the emancipator of women,” because he allowed women to drive, rather than asking, “Why was Saudi Arabia the only country in the world where women were not allowed to drive?” Why not ask the question, as Medea pointed out: The death penalty for adultery, which disproportionately affects women, for sorcery and witchcraft, which disproportionately affects women, when’s he getting rid of that? No question from60 Minutesabout the death penalty. No questions about democracy or freedom or elections. The words didn’t come up during the interview. They keep calling him a revolutionary. I’ve never come across a revolution where the dictator is still in power at the end of it. I thought that’s the whole point of a revolution, is to get rid of the absolute totalitarian government. So it’s bizarre to call this guy a revolutionary.
是的,我会补充一点:美国媒体中的一些人可能想用这种方式来描述他。当谈到沙特时,标准可以降到特低。所以,他成为皇太子,他允许女性开车。西方人说:“哇!他是女性的解放者“,因为他允许女性开车,而不是问”为什么沙特阿拉伯是世界上唯一不允许女性开车的国家?“为什么不问这个问题呢,正如Medea指出的那样:通奸的死刑特别针对妇女造成了严重的影响,还有巫术,访谈中没有问他何时摆脱这种死刑? 60分钟内没有关于死刑的问题。没有关于民主关永超 ,自由或选举的问题。在采访中没有出现这些议题。他们一直称他为革命者。我从来没有遇到过独裁者最终仍然掌权的革命。我认为革命的关键是摆脱绝对的极权政府。所以把这个家伙称为革命家是很奇怪的。
To take your point about his mother, there have been reports in the news that this is a crown prince who basically detained, quote-unquote, “kidnapped” his own mother, in order to prevent her from stopping him from taking over from his father. He is one of many children. Saudi kings tend to have a lot of children. He’s one of many children to King Salman. King Salman, by most accounts王宝合, is really not in control of the kingdom. He may have dementia. He’s kind of out of it. He’s in his eighties. This guy, 32 years old, crown prince, basically runs the show now. He’s been very, very efficient in terms of taking power. You’ve got to give him that. He may—he may have botched the war in Yemen, but he’s been very good at asserting power at home. He got rid of his cousin, who was the crown prince, put him under palace arrest. He may have kidnapped his mother or detained his mother or hidden her away somewhere, so that she couldn’t get involved in his kind of power takeover from his siblings. He locked up all these princes and business leaders, as Medea pointed out. Basically, it was a shakedown, to use her very appropriate phrase.
你刚刚提到他的母亲,有消息称,这位皇太子,为了防止她(他的母亲)阻止他从父亲手中接管,他拘留-“绑架”了自己的母亲。 他是许多孩子中的一员。沙特国王往往有很多孩子。他是Salman国王的众多孩子中的一员。大多数人认为,塞勒曼国王如今实际上并不控制这个王国。他可能患有痴呆症,已经淡出权利。他已经八十多岁了。这位32岁的皇太子现在主要负责掌控。他在夺取权力方面非常非常高效。你必须承认。他可能 - 他也许在也门导了这场战争,但他一直擅长在国内获得权力。他摆脱了原本是皇太子的表弟,把他置于宫廷拘禁之下。他可能绑架了他的母亲,或者拘留了他的母亲,或者将她藏在了某个地方,这样她就不能阻止他从兄弟姐妹那里获得权力。正如Medea指出的那样,他锁定了所有这些王子和商界领袖。基本上,这是一个铲平(shakedown或夷为平地),她说的短语。
And now he’s consolidated all this power, in himself, in the country, at this young age. But the problem is潘艺心, he’s not very good at doing what he does in terms of foreign policy. Let’s see what he does on economic policy. He’s great pals with Jared Kushner. Nermeen mentioned earlier about how they hung out 'til 4:00 in the morning the week before the purge. He and Jared Kushner are great pals. That's the connection to the Trump administration. And I always think they’re very—they’re very similar, Jared Kushner and MBS. They’re both 30-something spoiled brats who are deeply overrated and mess up everything they touch.
现在,他在如此年轻的年纪,在国内巩固并掌握了所有这些力量。 但问题是,他在外交政策方面做得不是很好。 让我们还得看看他在经济上有什么政策。 他是Jared Kushner的好朋友。 Nermeen早些时候提到,他们在清理一周前凌晨4点之前还在一起韦德伍斯。 他和杰瑞·德库什纳(Jared Kushner)是很棒的伙伴。 这是与特朗普政府的联系。 我一直认为他们非常相似,Jared Kushner和MBS。 他们都是30多岁的被宠坏了的臭小子,他们被高估并且他们所接触的一切都弄糟了。

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